The connected future is here. Let us help.


Information Communication Technology

We pride ourselves as having been a pioneer in this field in several countries across Africa. We have grown our business partnerships in ICT specifically to be able to deliver an integrated, locally supported business solution. Our customers trust us to hold their hands whenever Digital Transformation is at play.

Internet of Things

With several successful vendor partnerships, we deliver services related to remote monitoring for water pumping stations, electricity generation plants, moisture content at grain silos; the possibilities are endless. We are here to help.

Engineering Procument and Construction (EPC)

In our EPC business unit we deliver selected Construction and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) works by providing the complete cycle from design, supply, installation, test and commissioning, training and maintenance.

Our MEP service covers Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Fire Detection and Fighting, Plumbing and Drainage, Building Management and Extra-Low Voltage systems. We have the know-how to complete the most technically demanding building projects of any type and size.

We leverage our knowledge and creativity to best meet the needs of each of our clients. Our expertise and strong technical support are at the very heart of our success.

We are here to help.

Industrial Projects

We have bundled our experience and know-how in Industrial projects.

Our turnkey solution approach from Design up to the Operation and Maintenance offers our customers single reliable source for technology, techniques, process, and raw material.

Energy Provision 

We strive to promote renewable energies to foster sustainable development. However due to incessant disturbance s in power for most of our clients including in their homes, we have been providing standby generators to a multitude of users. 

Through our network of strategic partners we provide a complete offering in the field of Energy, powering the home, office, factory, mine; in-fact, the entire nation.

Mobility + eMobility

We are working on delivering eMobility through all-electric offerings of AfriCars and AfriCycles built locally. We are working on modern and appropriate transportation systems and technologies that we are integrating into everyday life. 

For example, Initial offerings will enable women in our rural homelands in Africa and the developing world in general, to have the technology they need to carry food, water and even their kids to and from school rather than the several kilometers they presently do on foot.  

The offerings will also provide alternative electric transport for thousands of businesses - industry, commerce, supermarkets, etc to use carbon neutral technologies in conducting their business; helping save the environment.

Within the Mobility space, our engineers are working with local operators to transform some of their mobile carbon assets into green fueled ones. Yes, we still sell diesel fueled specialty trucks for industry and commerce but with an eye to eventually convert these to green fueled assets. We are doing out bit.   

Trading and Sourcing AND Support 

We have an international network of suppliers and buyers of a large variety of products: Foods and Agro-foods, Raw Materials, Machinery and Equipment (medical, construction, technology) and consumables. This combination makes us the natural choice for our customers and suppliers for procurement and sourcing requirements.

For technical products, count on us to provide the necessary support, both short and long term support to ensure seamless integration of our technical equipment into your environment. Count on us to deliver.